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Representative Experience


  • Representing a major Eastern European logistics company in challenging the Indictment of the District Court in the U.S.  and its designation by OFAC. 
  • Members of the team successfully represented the daughter of a North African ex-Head of State ; the EU Court ruled that closeness of association with a targeted regime is not by itself enough ground to justify the restrictive measures against an individual.


  • Made legal history with the first successful legal challenge of the publication of a Red Notice under the INTERPOL Headquarters Agreement at the Permanent Court of Arbitration.
  • Engaging with INTERPOL both prior and post the publication of a Red Notice.
  • Challenging of INTERPOL Red Notices on behalf of clients before the Commission for the Control of INTERPOL’s files (the internal dispute settlement mechanism at INTERPOL). We have made a number of successful applications before INTERPOL, including requests for access, requests for provisional measures and requests for deletion of other notices (such as Diffusions and Blue Notices).


  • Representing a high-profile East Asian family-owned highly skilled manufacturing business in its restructuring and sale to a private equity investor group.
  • Structured the acquisition and financing of a leading media business in South America by a leading South Asian publishing house.
  • Structured a significant capital injection into a South American retail business by a Chinese and ASEAN investor group.


  • Represented an African nation in establishing an embassy in the United Kingdom. Handled all the accreditation and documentation required for the Head of Mission and support staff.
  • Represented a Western Hemisphere government in its successful UN Human Rights Committee filings.
  • Represented a Western Hemisphere government in its successful representations before several UN Working Groups and Special Rapporteurs.


  • Made legal history by achieving the first and to date only successful arbitration claim made by an individual investor against a sovereign state under the OIC Investment Treaty.
  • Successfully filed a submission for a high-profile individual with the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights for the halting of extradition pending investigation.
  • Successfully filed a demand for overturning of a national decision at the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Court of Justice. Ruling granted release, end of extradition and payment of compensation to the client.
  • Facilitated the initiation and development of the diplomatic dialogue between the governments on a global scale. The subject of the dialogue has been the subject of intense diplomatic interaction across Africa, North & South America and Europe and in the process have raised questions and creating polemics on the subjects of the government’s international reputation, violation of international law, Human Rights law, defiance of United Nations and Human Rights Courts and Commissions. 


  • Successfully obtained CIP citizenships in the Caribbean, Europe and the UK.
  • Obtained a change to the law for immigration rules application at the United Kingdom Home Office.
  • One of the first to successfully obtained refugee immigration visas as part of the UK visa support for Ukrainian nationals due to the war conflict displacement in Ukraine.


  • Coordinated transnational legal PR and communication as part of overall defence strategy for a major Human Rights case.
  • Created and executed an international PR campaign to advocate for the release of unjustly imprisoned political prisoner.
  • Managed and developed a PR strategy for a client being severely and unjustly attacked by the press purely by their association to a sanctioned individual.
  • Developed and executed a successful investigation into a targeted print and online media campaign which was undertaken by a sovereign state against a high-profile business family. Ultimately succeeded in identifying those intermediaries engaged in the negative activity forcing them to cease and desist.