August 2022

Human Rights

Out team has a wealth of experience in Human Rights-based claims and work alongside internationally renowned counsel to ensure that our clients’ claims are always prepared to the highest possible standard and every avenue for protection is explored. The Human Rights Act of 1998 sets out fundamental rights and freedoms that everyone is entitled to.

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Amadeus facilitates the acquisition of residency, immigration, and citizenship through investment. Our experienced team provides the most current advice on all the main citizenship and residency investment programmes in the Caribbean, Europe and the UK. We navigate fast-changing immigration rules and regulations and provide advice on the more niche requests. Recently, Amadeus Immigration team assisted

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Amadeus team has extensive experience in providing guidance in relation to all aspects of financial planning, including, but not limited to: Securitization of assets Establishing a professionally managed arms-length infrastructure to manage the assets Advising on all stages of the proceedings in relation to the Unexplained Wealth Orders (UWOs), including early intervention, challenging an UWO,

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