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Multilateral Law Enforcement

Together with our partners Amadeus have unrivalled expertise and experience in assisting clients who wish to pre-empt or challenge the publication of an INTERPOL Notice, diffusion or Mutual legal assistance (MLA) requests.

Our clients’ cases often involve multiple jurisdictions, and our role is to develop a bespoke strategy to challenge the legality of the MLA or INTERPOL request and to recover assets. These complex assignments require in-depth knowledge of public international law, multilateral and bilateral treaties’ application, international refugee and human rights law. We have very strong credentials when it comes to understanding the inner workings of the INTERPOL system for the benefit of our clients.

Amadeus team made legal history by achieving:

  • The first and to date only successful arbitration claim made by an individual investor against a sovereign state under the OIC Investment Treaty.
  • The first successful legal challenge under the INTERPOL Headquarters Treaty at the Permanent Court of Arbitration.